Brazilian sisters fighting over blown out birthday candle in viral video actually 'get along very well'

Just another fight among siblings, it seems.

Guan Zhen Tan | October 24, 2020, 01:38 PM

A video of two sisters fighting during a birthday party in Brazil has gone viral, after their aunt, Gabriela Aureluk shared the video on Instagram.

Older sister smugly blew out candle

The context of the video is this: María Eduarda was celebrating her third birthday, and was about to blow out the candle on her cake.

Her older sister, Maria Antonia, who was standing by her side, went ahead and blew the candle out before her younger sister could do so.

She stood there smiling smugly, giving a small shrug.

Angered, the younger sister then pulled on the hair of her older sister. Others stepped in to try to separate the sisters from fighting.

The younger sister remained inconsolable as she yanked on her sister's hair several more times .

Her older sister continued to appear smug, unaffected by her sister's outbursts and attacks.

The video seems to have been removed from Aureluk's Instagram account but has been reposted through different social media platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook.



Sisters get along well, the fight was "normal"

According to an article by Remezcla, Aureluk had also uploaded other photos on her IG stories, showing that the sisters later enjoyed the cake together.

The family had lit up the candle a second time for the younger sister as well.

The family has since started an Instagram account for the sisters, where one can find pictures and videos of them in what looks to be more harmonious times.

Photo via Instagram / @asmariadepb.

According to Heavy, Aureluk had told Brazillian news outlet, Hugo Gloss, that the sisters get along well, and a fight between sisters is "normal".

"It’s that relationship of sisters. One hour they are slapping, another time they are hugging."

Top image via asmariasdepb and Gabriela Aureluk's video

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