Shihlin S'pore launches mooncake set including brown sugar dragon boba & sakura pomegranate mochi flavours

Not your traditional mooncakes.

Fasiha Nazren | September 08, 2020, 11:42 AM

Taiwanese street food vendor Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks has launched its first-ever mooncake set.

Called the Golden Lotus Mooncake Set (S$55), this set contains four baked mooncakes that apparently takes on the soft texture and look of snow skin.

There are five flavours to choose from:

Sakura Pomegranate Mochi

Photo courtesy of Shihlin.

This lotus paste mooncake has chewy pomegranate mochi in the middle.

The mooncake also features a daisy pattern and decorated with real dried rose petals.

Molten Salted Egg Custard

Photo courtesy of Shihlin.

This mooncake features a peony pattern with a Chinese knot and is made with white lotus paste and salted egg custard.

To get the molten salted egg lava, Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks recommends to pop it in the microwave for 10 seconds on medium heat.

Ube Sweet Potato Mochi

Photo courtesy of Shihlin.

This mooncake consists of a sweet potato paste with a soft chewy mochi centre.

It features a daisy pattern.

Traditional Coconut Green Bean

Photo courtesy of Shihlin.

Decorated with patterns of cherry blossom and plum blossom, the mooncake is made with pandan lotus paste.

There is a green bean paste with the additional texture of shredded coconut in the middle.

Brown Sugar Dragon Boba

Photo courtesy of Shihlin.

Following the current bubble tea trend, this mooncake comes with a brown sugar paste filling.

Embedded in the hydrangea flower-patterned mooncake are chewy brown sugar boba balls.

Freshmade Imperial Osmanthus Tea

Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks is also releasing a new Freshmade Imperial Osmanthus Tea(S$2.80) from Sep. 10.

The tea is said to taste light and refreshing, with fragrant floral notes and osmanthus petals.

This drink will be available at all Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks outlets except for NEX and AMK Hub.

Up to 20% off

From Sep. 7 to 16, Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks will be offering 20 per cent off purchases for XXL Card Members and 15 per cent off purchases for non-members.

From Sep. 17 to Oct. 1, only XXL Card Members will be entitled to a 15 per cent discount off purchases.

Customers can also receive a free-limited edition tokidoki lantern with a minimum spend of S$10 on any menu item from Sep. 21.

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Top image from Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks.