Desmond Tan speaks about why Rebecca Lim no longer his BFF & having done something that upset her

They had been friends since their JC days.

Tanya Ong | September 26, 2020, 12:16 AM

Desmond Tan and Rebecca Lim were really good friends at one point.

However, their close friendship apparently fell apart over time.

Speaking to Quan Yifong on Channel 8 talkshow Hear U Out, Tan admitted that they are no longer "BFFs" (Best Friends Forever), even though he still considers them friends.

Were good friends even before they entered showbiz

Lim and Tan met during their JC days.

Shortly after, Lim was offered a Mediacorp contract, and had talked to him about whether she should enter showbiz or continue pursuing medicine in university.

Tan joined the entertainment industry about two years after Lim, after she had encouraged him to take part in the audition for Star Search in 2007.

Misunderstandings between them

Tan spoke about the "seasons" of friendship, that go through different stages and revealed that there were several small misunderstandings between them that went unresolved.

When prompted by Quan, Tan could pinpoint a specific incident where he felt he had gone wrong, although he did not elaborate on what exactly happened:

"I did something and she didn't understand why I did that I did. I didn't know that I had made a mistake and only realised it later on. Later on, both of grew busier with our own lives so our friendship gradually fizzled out."

The misunderstanding was a simple one that could have happened between celebrities, crew or anyone else, Tan clarified.

He also called himself an "idiot", and was "silly" for taking a while to notice that they were speaking a lot less frequently, although he acknowledged that drifting is a common occurrence in friendships.

Although he doesn't remember how exactly he found out that Lim was upset with him, he said that things got "complicated" as there were other people involved.

He added that he still has not managed to find a suitable means to resolve the issue.

Tan subsequently looked thoughtful and saddened as Quan talked about the impermanence of certain friendships.

Screenshot via Hear U Out/MeWatch

Still cherishes the friendship, although it is no longer the same

"I think we're still friends," said Tan, who added that they still talk about work.

However, their friendship is no longer the same as before, even though Tan said that he treasures Lim very much as a friend.

Tan admits that he's a very "careless" person, and often forgets what he has promised or said to other people.

Nonetheless, he is hopeful that friends who have come and gone may eventually return to his life at a later juncture.

Sombre topics aside, here's a special mention for a special guest with floppy ears:

Screenshot via Hear U Out/MeWatch

Screenshot via Hear U Out/MeWatch

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