Nissin's tonkotsu-flavoured ramen bar noodles available in S'pore for S$3.30

They only cost S$3.30 per pack of two servings.

Joshua Lee | September 11, 2020, 12:14 PM

If you miss flying to Japan, maybe Nissin's new line of instant noodles can fill that Japan-shaped hole in your heart.

We recently spotted Nissin's Chu Qian Yi Ding tonkotsu-flavoured instant noodles at a supermarket.

We found three flavours at the supermarket: Tonkotsu, Black Garlic Oil Tonkotsu, and Miso Tonkotsu flavour.

This range of noodles was previously only available in Hong Kong. These are marketed in Hong Kong under the Demae Iccho brand, which we know here as Chu Qian Yi Ding.

Here's what it might look like inside:

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The noodles are straight, as opposed to the curly variety we usually find in instant noodles. These are also non-fried, which is presumably healthier (but have you seen the ingredient list?).

Now, even though you can't be there physically, Nissin says that these will bring you the taste of Kyushu, Kumamoto, and Hokkaido respectively.

So glad for the small things in life.

And speaking of small things, each pack costs a reasonable S$3.30. For two servings.

Cooking it is definitely not as idiot-proof as pouring hot water into a bowl, but still manageable:

  1. Take a bundle of noodles and cook it in 450ml of boiling water for three minutes.
  2. Add one pack of soup base into a bowl while the noodles are cooking
  3. Remove the boiling water from the heat
  4. Pour the hot water but not the noodles into the bowl to melt the soup base
  5. Add the noodles and stir

Here are some photos:

And for those of you who enjoy knowing what goes into your food:

We don't know how it tastes but the world's foremost expert on ramen, the Ramen Rater, tried the Demae Ramen Bar Spicy Cod Roe Tonkotsu-Flavoured Instant Noodles and rated it 5/5 for noodles that weren't "crumbly nor rubbery" and a "sumptuous" broth.


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Top images by Joshua Lee.