Kind motorist in S'pore steps out of car in pouring rain to push elderly man in wheelchair across the road

Helping hand.

Ashley Tan | September 08, 2020, 12:08 PM

There appears to have been a spate of incidents regarding people helping out those in need being circulated online recently.

Some of these involved kindly SBS bus drivers offering a spare mask to a commuter who had rushed out of the house, or helping fellow fallen motorists on a rainy day.

Good samaritan

Yet another act of kindness has surfaced on social media after one Yang ShiMing posted a clip to Facebook on Aug. 6.

Yang appears to have filmed the video while inside his car somewhere in Toa Payoh.

A middle-aged man can be spotted pushing an elderly man in a wheelchair across a pedestrian crossing while in the pouring rain.

The elderly man appears to be saddled with baggage and numerous plastic bags, and has to juggle holding an umbrella while pushing his wheelchair at the same time.

Once across the road, the man ensures that the elderly man is far enough up on the slope before turning around to head back.

It is then revealed that the man is not a fellow pedestrian, but a motorist who had stepped out of his car to lend a hand.

He re-enters his car, but not before raising a hand to apologise to other drivers for holding up traffic.

In the post's caption, Yang called the man a good samaritan.

The full video here:


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Top photo from Yang ShiMing / FB