Japanese wife makes daily list of reasons not to murder her husband

Let's hope she keeps adding to the list.

Jason Fan | September 26, 2020, 11:44 AM

When a Japanese man noticed that his wife had begun writing a list of daily things she is thankful to him for, he was puzzled.

While acknowledging one's contributions is certainly not abnormal, he was confused as to why the list comprised of seemingly small things, such as buying her tea, or spending time playing with their three-year-old daughter.

Well, turns out his wife was making the list for a completely different reason than what he expected: it was a list of reasons to remind her why she should not murder him.

Husband took it in good stride

According to Soranews24, Japanese Twitter user P_chan_papa's wife began putting together a list of his good deeds and contributions to the household as a reference document of sorts, in order to give herself a list of reasons why she should not simply murder him when he somehow pisses her off.

He took it in good stride too; in his Twitter post, he said that "she's the coolest", and that "making the effort not to kill your husband really is important".

In a follow-up post, he said that he began to talk to his wife more after finding out about the list, and she said that she began writing the list in order not to take obvious acts of kindness for granted.

The Tweet went viral, and netizens began to weigh in on this hilarious (but potentially deadly) situation.

One commenter agreed with the wife's gesture, and said that it's far better to look at the small, good things that an individual does, rather than simply looking at his mistakes.

Others said that this incident made them worried about married life, and said that they are "unlikely to get married" as a result.

Remember, before you do anything rash, please check the list first.

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