Imran Rahim and Charles Yeo agree to amicably resolve issues between them

Yeo also said he had not endorsed the allegations, which have yet to be proven.

Siti Hawa | September 08, 2020, 04:19 PM

Lawyer Imran Rahim and Reform Party chairman Charles Yeo took to their respective Instagram accounts on Sep. 8 to share that they have resolved matters amicably.

This comes after allegations of improper conduct by Imran were made by Yeo on Jul. 21.

Resolved amicably

Yeo shared an Instagram story announcing that the "matter with Mr Imran Rahim" has been resolved and wished him well.

Yeo said that he had not endorsed the allegations, which have yet to be proven.

He tagged lawyer M Ravi and Abraham Vergis in the Instagram story.

Yeo also shared a photo of himself having lunch with Imran Rahim in a separate Instagram post.

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Lunch with Imran Rahim

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Imran Rahim's post

In an Instagram post, Imran thanked Charles for "agreeing to amicably settle [their] disagreements".

"I would like to thank Charles for agreeing to amicably settle our disagreements. I respect the work that he has done for the disadvantaged in our society and wish him all the best in his career as a lawyer and as the chairman of the Reform Party."

He also thanked lawyer M Ravi and Abraham Vergis:

"I would also like to thank Mr M Ravi and Mr Abraham Vergis, both senior members of the bar, for helping to resolve the differences between Charles and I.

Legal proceedings against Charles Yeo

On Jul. 31, Yeo uploaded a post on Facebook claiming that legal proceedings had been taken out against him.

According to lawyer M Ravi, who announced that he would represent Yeo in court, the lawsuit sought to "have the posts containing the aforesaid allegations taken down and is further seeking cost orders to be made against Charles".

Yeo had shared various videos and written posts on Instagram which accused Imran of improper conduct.

Imran later made a public response regarding these allegations.


In response to Mothership’s queries, Imran said that Yeo agreed to issue the aforementioned post and will not be publishing any more posts regarding the matter.

Imran also said that he has tendered his resignation from his role at Tan Kok Quan Partnership.

He said the past few weeks have been “difficult” and wants a “short break” to care for himself and focus on his family.

Imran has plans to continue his legal career and community work in the future.

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