Perverts on Carousell asking female sellers in S'pore to try on clothes & expose themselves

Always finding new ways to scam.

Belmont Lay | September 04, 2020, 03:41 PM

Some Carousell users are sticking to their guns and upping the ante in transforming the platform into full-blown Carouhell.

Besides casual lowballers and trolls, the platform is now having to weed out and curtail perverts harassing its community of female sellers.

Pervert on the prowl

One female seller on the platform recently took to Twitter to share a negotiation conversation she had with a pervert posing as an interested buyer.

The tweet was put up on Sept. 3:

The female seller was trying to dispose of her denim mini skirt for S$2.

The pervert then reached out as an interested buyer and requested a photo of the apparel on the seller:

Under the pretext of judging how short the denim skirt is, the buyer then requested for the seller to take a photo of her bent over in the mirror:

The seller promptly told him to just die.

The female seller also wrote on the tweet that she was not aware the account used by the buyer was newly set up as it was only a day old.

This is a tell-tale sign that the account is a burner account set up for nefarious purposes.

Another request

The same seller then encountered another account asking for photos from the back of the denim skirt being worn:

But there is a possibility this is the same pervert posing as a different buyer.

Carousell suspends account

In response to the tweet, Carousell informed the female seller that it has suspended the account of the pervert posing as a buyer.

Carousell also highlighted the avenue to report such abuse of its service.

Other users encountered similar requests

Other users have also stepped forward to reveal they have also encountered similar requests from fake buyers.

This other seller could be located outside of Singapore as the price of her item was listed in ringgit.

Not new phenomenon

However, this sort of interaction on Carousell is nothing new.

According to other female sellers that spoke to, who have encountered such behaviour, these requests have been going on since the platform's early days.

Archived chats from 2014, at a time when Carousell still allowed chats to be emailed out, inappropriate requests were just as brazen.

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