A letter to my future child amidst the uncertainties of the Covid-19 pandemic

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Siti Hawa | Sponsored | August 22, 2020, 11:01 AM

Dear future child, 

Hey kiddo, it’s me, your mom. It’s currently 2020, and I’m writing to you from the distant past. You see, at this moment you do not exist, but if you did, here are some things I would want you to know.

Firstly, please pick your clothes off the floor and clean your room. Just kidding. 

What I really want you to know is how much I love you. Yes, the three words that not every Asian family says out loud. I also hope that by now, you would’ve spent countless weekends cycling and swimming just as I did when I was your age. 

I hope you’re enjoying your childhood, and that you’ve found things that you love to do. Speaking of which, I will pass on my baking skills to you and hopefully, you’ll gain a few tips around the kitchen.

Now, onto a more serious topic as I’m writing this in the midst of a global pandemic. Much of the future is unclear, and the world has changed rapidly in a matter of months. For one, the Covid-19 pandemic has delayed me and your father’s wedding, and the key collection date for our BTO. 

Our incomes and lives have been disrupted and times are not as easy as they once were. Yet as I sit here, I feel immense gratitude for the little things I am able to do in Phase 2, such as being able to exercise outside and being allowed to visit loved ones. 

If anything, this period has taught me how important it is to be prepared for life’s twists and turns and the uncertainties it may bring. Thus, I promise to do everything in my power to protect you, and I believe that begins with me.

My point is, life is full of unexpected surprises and we need to be ever ready. Which is why I have started on healthcare planning, as well as keeping us insured in case of future medical surprises. When I am old, I hope that I will be able to provide for myself, so you can focus on you. 

Most importantly, I will leave nothing to chance. Know that I will provide you with the best insurance coverage so you can grow up doing what you do best – running around and playing to your heart’s content. 

I will have peace of mind knowing that I’ve gotten you a comprehensive education plan and a personal accident plan that gives you worldwide coverage against accidents, sickness and many more. 

Like what I’m doing for you, I hope you’ll also protect and insure your future children.

Kiddo, after reading this, I hope that you can also understand why I can’t always buy you that toy you so badly want. That said, I promise to provide you with the richest experiences life can offer, like growing up and playing with your cousins. 

At the end of the day, I hope I will breathe easy knowing that you are having a fulfilling and memorable childhood, all while living Lifeproof.

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Top photo via Devon Daniel on Unsplash for illustration purposes.