Dog’s paw stuck in VivoCity escalator, freed by mall management & passers-by after 30 minutes

Poor doggo.

Ashley Tan | August 17, 2020, 01:57 PM

Every pet owner's nightmare came true for one dog owner visiting VivoCity over the weekend.

Dog's hind leg was caught on escalator

On Aug. 15, the owner, who had two dogs with him at the time, had been riding the escalator on the third floor of the mall.

The man, who Lianhe Wanbao reported to be in his forties, had been carrying one dog in his hand. The other was kept on a leash.

However, the paw of the dog on the leash, a King Charles Spaniel, subsequently got caught in the gaps on the escalator.

A female passer-by going by the surname Ke, who had similarly brought her dog to the mall's pet shop, told Wanbao that the spaniel was sitting on the escalator steps when it suddenly yelped in pain, and the escalator came to a halt.

Upon taking a closer look, she realised that dog's hind foot was stuck, and bleeding.

Photo from Lianhe Wanbao

Passers-by called the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF), as well as the mall's management.

The management team came to provide assistance, and managed to free the dog after half an hour by taking apart the escalator.

SCDF told Mothership that by the time officers arrived at the scene, the dog had already been released by members of the public, and their assistance was not required.

Ke said that it is easy for the fur and hair of dogs to get caught on escalators. She advised dog owners to be more careful, and to carry their dogs when riding the escalator.

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Top photo from Lianhe Wanbao and Team Madin / Google Maps