McDonald’s opens new global flagship store in US with solar panels on roof & green walls

The future is here.

Sumita Thiagarajan | July 14, 2020, 01:16 PM

McDonald's unveiled it's new global flagship in Walt Disney World Resort in Florida, United States, which aims to be fully powered by on-site renewable energy.

100% of energy needs will come from solar panels & special glass

According to McDonald's media release, this is the first McDonald's restaurant that will generate enough renewable energy on-site to meet 100 per cent of it's energy needs.

Currently, the restaurant is under a "soft-launch" period, where the restaurant is open only for Drive Thru and McDelivery service.

McDonald’s has completed construction of a the first restaurant designed to do just that – create enough renewable energy on-site to cover 100% of its energy needs on a net annual basis. The global flagship restaurant will serve as a learning hub for McDonald’s to test solutions for reducing energy and water use.

According to the company, it aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 36 percent in restaurants and offices by 2030, as compared to their greenhouse gas emissions in 2015.

Here are some features of this unique restaurant:

Roof with solar panels & photovoltaic glass panels throughout the building

Photo via McDonald's

Green walls to absorb carbon dioxide

Photo via McDonald's

Louvered walls to take in cool air and push out warm air

Photo via McDonald's

Parking lot with solar lights

Photo via McDonald's

Top photos via McDonald's website