Daiso M'sia has online store on Shopee with over 280 items

Goodbye wallet.

Fasiha Nazren | July 18, 2020, 12:36 PM

Japanese discount store Daiso is a crowd favourite for many people.

And it gets especially crowded in Singapore that they even have a live crowd update system.

In Malaysia, however, one can get Daiso items online.

Over 280 items online

According to SAYS, Daiso recently launched its online shop on Shopee in June, 2020.

However, Daiso has been on the platform since April, 2020.

While it doesn't have everything you would find in a typical Daiso outlet, it does sell over 280 items on Shopee.

This includes the following items:

All items for S$1.92

All items retail for RM5.90 (S$1.92) each.

There is also a shipping fee of at least RM1.01 (S$0.33).

Let's hope Daiso Singapore will have an online shopping platform soon.

Top image from Daiso and Singapore Expats on Facebook.