Law-abiding rooster pauses to look out for vehicles before crossing traffic junction at Tanjong Pagar

Lawful good.

Ashley Tan | May 23, 2020, 06:38 PM

Circuit breaker has seen some animals roaming around, especially with the decreased human and vehicular traffic outdoors.

Despite the empty spaces though, one rooster is still abiding by human conventions and regulations.

By making sure to cross a traffic junction at the appropriate time.

Crossing the road

One Lim Walter captured this peculiar sight at Tanjong Pagar, and shared it to Facebook.

As people start crossing the road, the bird follows suit.

But first, it pauses to check out for traffic on either side, before hopping off the kerb and rushing across the street.

Passers-by, including a delivery rider on a bicycle, appear unperturbed by the animal partaking in societal norms.

Here's the video Lim took.

And a close-up shot.

Photo from Lim Walter / FB

Not a wild junglefowl

It is uncertain whether the rooster is wild or belongs to someone.

From the photo though, it appears to be a domestic chicken, instead of a junglefowl.

Junglefowls resemble domestic chickens physically, but can be distinguished by the colour of their legs, which are grey.

Singapore has its own population of wild Red Junglefowls, a family in Sin Ming of which garnered much attention in recent years after they were slaughtered by AVA following residents' complaints.

Following the saga, the residents of Sin Ming have since rallied around the remaining birds, which have transformed into a sort of mascot for the neighbourhood.

You can read more about them here.

Other animal shenanigans

Top photo from Lim Walter / FB