Tapioca flour & instant pearls sold out on online platforms including RedMan Shop & FairPrice

Bubble tea experts.

Fasiha Nazren| April 24, 07:10 PM

It has been three days since standalone beverage retailers such as bubble tea stores were considered as non-essential during this extended circuit breaker period.

And it seems like more Singaporeans are making their own bubble teas.

Or just eating pearls.

Since the temporary closure of several bubble tea outlets islandwide, tapioca flour and instant tapioca pearls have gone out of stock on several online platforms and shops.

In case you didn't know, tapioca flour is used to make tapioca pearls and tapioca pearls are an essential part of bubble tea.

No more tapioca starch

Tapioca pearls are fairly simple to make and requires less than five ingredients which can be found easily at home.

Here's where you can't find tapioca flour and instant tapioca pearls for the time being:


Photo screenshot from RedMart.

This brand of tapioca starch is still available, though delivery slots are limited on RedMart:

Photo screenshot from RedMart.


Photo screenshot from FairPrice.

Amazon Prime

Photo screenshot from Amazon Prime.

Photo screenshot from Amazon Prime.

RedMan Shop

Photo screenshot from RedMan Shop.

Photo screenshot from RedMan Shop.

Can still get bubble tea in Singapore

If you've got your hands on some tapioca flour, here's how you can make your own tapioca pearls.

But if you don't and still have a hankering for bubble tea, there are still some options available.

Top image from Unsplash and screenshot from FairPrice