S'porean man visits Yishun eatery for takeaway, allegedly charged food delivery app prices

He confronted the staff about the discrepancy.

Mandy How | April 14, 2020, 05:06 PM

A Singaporean man named Max Foong has expressed his indignation on Facebook after perceiving himself to be unfairly charged for a meal.

Foong had allegedly visited a Thai eatery, Sanook Kitchen, in Northpoint City on Apr. 8, and ordered a pineapple fried rice for takeaway.

Photo via Max Foong on Facebook

Photo via Max Foong on Facebook

Apr. 8 is also the second day of the Circuit Breaker period.

However, instead of being charged menu prices, Foong was allegedly charged food delivery app prices, which is slightly more expensive.

Here is his post, which is written in Chinese:

Foong said that the menu price was S$5.90+ S$0.20, amounting to S$6.10 in total.

The store collected S$8.45 instead.

Photo via Max Foong on Facebook

Photo via Max Foong on Facebook

A check on GrabFood shows that the menu item is listed at S$8.45:

According to Foong, the following conversation took place between him and the staff:

"Me: Isn't the price S$5.90, plus another S$0.20 for the takeaway, total S$6.10?

Staff: We're following the prices on on GrabFood and foodpanda! So it's S$8.45!

Me: But I'm taking away from the store! Where's the GrabFood and foodpanda? How can you guys charge like this?

Staff: Our store indeed charges like this!

Me: This really shouldn't be! You didn't deliver it, how can you charge the money! This is the last time I'm patronising!

Staff: Great! Doesn't matter!"

Foong calculated that the meal cost him an extra S$2.35.

Although he could afford the sum, he said, he felt that the store was taking advantage of its customers during this period.

Foong then warned everyone to not to visit the store, as he felt that they were running an unscrupulous business.

He also asked everyone to share his post and say a word of fairness.

Mothership has reached out to Sanook Northpoint City and will update this article when they reply.

Top image via Max Foong on Facebook


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