M'sian woman with no hands sews protective gear for healthcare workers using feet


Syahindah Ishak | April 15, 2020, 11:02 PM

A Malaysian woman who was born without her arms has risen against all odds to help others.

Volunteered to help healthcare workers

Norfarrah Syahirah Shaari, 32, from Perak has volunteered in a project to sew personal protective equipment (PPE) for medical staff at Teluk Intan Health Clinic and Teluk Intan Hospital.

New Straits Times reported that a total of 25 volunteer tailors and seamstresses are involved.

They are expected to make a total of 252 PPE using 400 metres of fabric by the end of this week.

Norfarrah explained that each volunteer has a different task, such as measuring or cutting the fabric.

But for her? She can sew eight PPE gowns in a day using only her feet.

Sew using her feet

Here's a video of her in action:

According to Malaysia's Berita Harian, Norfarrah has developed a passion for sewing ever since she was eight years old.

She said:

"Sewing with your feet may seem difficult but you just need a lot of patience. Many people have asked me how I'm able to thread a needle.

For me, it's exactly the same as how other seamstresses do it, except I'm using my feet. I usually take about a second to thread a needle."

Obtained a driving license seven years ago

Norfarrah previously made headlines in August 2019 after a video of her driving a car using her feet went viral on social media.

She had mustered up the courage to obtain her driving license seven years ago as she wanted to show that persons with disabilities can be independent and self-sufficient.

Norfarrah told Harian Metro:

"Thank you to those who believed in me and supported me. There are other persons with disabilities out there who have special talents.

But most importantly, they are strong and they work hard to prove that having a disability isn't an excuse to burden others."

Top images from Norfarrah Syahirah Shaari/FB.