Kate Pang urges everyone to be careful after being scammed by online mask seller

She denounced the seller as unethical.

Mandy How | April 03, 2020, 11:15 AM

Singapore-based actress Kate Pang has urged her followers to be careful when purchasing masks, after being the victim of an online scammer.

The 37-year-old shared her purchase in an Instagram post on Apr. 2:

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网络购买口罩,明明照片是盒装,送来是拆开过放成一包,姑且不论分装的人,是不是有戴口罩、手套,这也不是说明上的三层口罩...🤨 - 请大家购买口罩时,务必小心! - #乱卖口罩很缺德 #三层变两层 #妈妈傻眼 #谁敢戴

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The Chinese caption translates to,

"Bought these off the internet. The photos clearly showed that the masks were boxed, but they arrived in a packet instead.

Even if the staff did wear a mask and gloves to pack it, this isn't the three-ply mask as advertised, either.

Please be careful when buying masks, everyone!"

She included a hashtag which said that it is unethical to sell such dubious masks.

Pang was also stunned to discover that the three-ply masks had become two-ply, and added that no one would dare to wear these.

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In a more recent post on Apr. 3, the actress said that she was very touched, as multiple people have reached out to her after the fake mask incident.

Some offered to send her masks, while others recommended reliable sellers.

Pang thanked everyone for their help.

"Even though fake mask sellers are extremely unethical (I don't know how they sleep at night), but I believe, most people are kind. Humans are meant to help each other, how else would we exist in this world?"

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很感动❤️自从大家发现我买到假口罩😷,有人说要送我口罩,还有很多人给我可靠的口罩商家,谢谢所有伸出援手的朋友,虽然卖假口罩的人,极度缺德(我不知道他们晚上怎么睡得着),但是我相信,大部分的人都是善良的,人类本来就要互助互信,不然怎么在世界上生存啊? - 很多人说戴口罩没用(请你们看一下飞沫传染的报道再来说)。link in bio。 🔗 - 今年1月底的时候,我们回台湾过年,去日本滑雪,几乎全程都戴着口罩,也有勤消毒,勤洗手(当时疫情还没有那么严重),每年回台湾过冬都会生病感冒的孩子(最严重的还有住院),这次竟然一点事都没有,滑雪场零下6度,孩子们连个鼻涕都没有流,出游23天,经过4个机场,我们平安回来了。 - 除了戴口罩,我们也很注意使用安全,口罩拿下来的时候,不要碰到外层,马上放进干净袋子里,如果不小心弄脏了,掉了,手碰了外面又碰到里面,不要戴回!❌❌❌ - 有孩子的人,一定要提醒孩子,手不要碰脸,不要揉眼睛,碰了公用物品之后,先喷消毒液,然后赶快用肥皂洗手。 - 我每次出门的时候,都会把外面的桌椅消毒一遍,有些朋友觉得我很夸张,我只是不想给自己任何被感染的机会,也不想不小心传染给任何一个人。 - 每个人的生命,都很可贵,医护人员,必须在外接触人群的工作者(包括老师、司机、餐饮业者、百货业者....),他们的生命也需要靠大家的努力来维护。💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻 - 大家一起做好防护,我们都会平平安安。🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼 - #谢谢每一个善良的人 #谢谢秀环大美女的爱心 #谢谢Candyce辣妈 #谢谢Jeff #谢谢Eric的关心 #谢谢每一位介绍我买口罩的朋友 #人间有温情 #祝卖假口罩的人口罩卖不出去 #祝大家都买到真正医疗三层口罩 #照片为丢回

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She also elaborated on a trip which her family took to Taiwan in late-January, to spend Chinese New Year.

The mother of two, who is married to local actor Andie Chen, said that they took all kinds of precautions, and managed to return to Singapore safely.

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