Covid-19: House of Chicken Rice in Tanjong Pagar selling chicken rice at S$0.90, giving it free to S'poreans aged 55 & above

The eatery is paying it forward as the landlord is giving two months of free rental.

Belmont Lay| April 04, 12:43 AM

House of Chicken Rice, located in Tanjong Pagar, is selling its chicken rice at 90 cents per packet and giving away one free packet to each Singaporean aged 55 and above.

The altruistic act of giving back to the community was announced in a Facebook post on April 3, 2020.

The post said the eatery "would like to do its part for all fellow Singaporeans’ well-being".

The passing on of benefits was the result of the eatery's landlord absorbing two months' worth of rental to help the eatery tide over this Covid-19 outbreak period.

The Facebook post also emphasised that the S$0.90 charge per packet of chicken rice is below the cost price of making the food.

But it also said this offer was not meant to be an advertisement for the shop.

House of Chicken Rice is located at Tanjong Pagar Plaza, Block 1 #02-07, Singapore 082001.

This was what the full post said:

In lieu of the recent COVID-19 incident, the management of Tanjong Pagar Blk 1 #02-07 Singapore 082001 House of Chicken Rice would like to do its part for all fellow Singaporeans’ well being and have come up with this special pricing during this extraordinary period.

-Each packet of chicken rice will only cost $0.90 which is below the cost of making a packet of chicken rice.

-All fellow Singaporeans above the age of 55 years old are entitled to ONE packet of chicken rice for FREE.

Special mention to the shop’s landlord Mr Tan Hong Hiong who had graciously gave the owner of the House of Chicken Rice a free two months of rental to tide through this difficult period. I am not trying to do advisement for my shop . I am here for 13 year alr .