Covid-19: 8 cases linked to new clusters identified at Maxwell MRT construction site, Keppel Shipyard

These were previously local unlinked cases.

Jason Fan| April 02, 10:10 PM

On April 2, the Ministry of Health (MOH) reported 49 new cases of Covid-19, bringing the total number of cases in Singapore to 1,049.

Through epidemiological investigations and contact tracing, additional clusters at a construction site at Maxwell MRT and Keppel Shipyard were revealed.

There was a third new cluster announced, at Mustafa Centre.

All these were previously local unlinked cases

Two of the newly confirmed cases (Cases 1,009 and 1,034) are linked to three previous cases, (Cases 869, 900 and 1,000), forming a new cluster at a construction site at Maxwell MRT station, at 50 Neil Road.

Case 1,009 is a 48-year-old male Singapore Citizen, while Case 1,034 is a 62-year-old male Singapore Citizen.

Case 869 (41-year-old male Singapore Permanent Resident), Case 900 (50-year-old male Singapore Permanent Resident), and Case 1,000 (54-year-old male Singapore Permanent Resident) were previously local unlinked cases.

Keppel Shipyard

Three of the earlier confirmed cases (Cases 878, 898 and 907) have also been linked to a new cluster at Keppel Shipyard, at 51 Pioneer Sector 1.

Case 898 is a 53-year-old male Philippines national, while Case 907 is a 50-year-old male national from the Netherlands. Both are Singapore Work Pass holders.

Case 878 is a 34-year-old male Singapore Citizen.

All three cases were previously local unlinked cases.

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