77-year-old found dead in Bendemeer flat after neighbours reportedly smelled 'salted fish' stench

The neighbour had lived alone for 20 years.

Joshua Lee| April 04, 06:25 PM

Residents living on the 12th floor of Block 33 Bendemeer were shocked to find out that their neighbour, 77-year-old Rokiah Binte Budin, had passed away in her rental unit.

This was reported by Lianhe Zaobao (LHZB) today (Apr. 4). The incident happened on Mar. 31, at around 10pm.

According to LHZB, Rokiah's unit emitted a stench which smelled like salted fish. Initially, the neighbours thought that Rokiah was cooking.

When the smell did not dissipate, the neighbours decided to call the police, leading to the grisly find.

According to LHZB, when its reporters went down to 33 Bendemeer Road on Mar. 31, there was a heavy smell of a dead body and the police had cordoned off the area for investigation.

80-year-old Mdm Xie, a neighbour, told the Chinese paper that the late Rokiah had lived alone for 20 years.

"I didn't see her for three days," she said. "I last saw her on Saturday afternoon."

Xie said that it was very hot that Saturday. She was resting at home when Rokiah passed by. Rokiah remarked then that she was very uncomfortable from the heat and wanted to rest.

By Monday (Mar. 30), Rokiah's unit started emitting what smelled like salted fish.

Xie told the paper that Rokiah had a son, whom she visited often. According to LHZB, he rushed down to his mother's unit when he received the news.

Another neighbour said that Rokiah would visit the coffeeshop downstairs every day to chit chat with her neighbours.

In response to queries by Mothership, the Singapore Police Force said that a 77-year-old woman was found motionless in a unit along 33 Bendemeer Road on Mar. 31.

She was pronounced dead at scene by a paramedic. Police investigations are ongoing.

Top image via Google Maps Street View. H/T to Lianhe Zaobao