Sharon Au experiences blatant racism for first time in Paris, but doesn't blame elderly man

Yes, it was Covid-19 related.

Mandy How| March 28, 12:33 AM

Besides her prolific career as a host and actress in Mediacorp, Sharon Au is perhaps equally known for leaving all of that behind to move to Paris.

Even as the pandemic rages on in Europe, Au remains steadfast to the life she has built in the city for the past two years.

But for the first time, Au has experienced blatant racism in Paris.

She penned her experience in an Instagram post on Mar. 27.

According to Au, a French man of who looked to be in his 70s told her angrily to "stand far away from him".

Upon hearing that, Au retreated a metre away.

But that was not enough for the man, who complained about her proximity and said that she was badly brought up.

“The disease came from you people,“ the elderly man had reportedly said.

When Au explained that she was not from China, the man replied that "you are all the same".

Au added that it was her first experience with such blatant intolerance.

As the man walked away, the former actress said that she could see the fear in his eyes — fear not only of Covid-19, but also of the unknown.

Au walked away as well, and sat under a tree to think.

"I don’t really blame him. It is scary indeed. He should have worn a mask," she mused.

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An old French man about 70 years old just angrily told me to stand far away from him, so I retreated a metre away, and he complained not far away enough and that I was badly brought up, “the disease came from you people. “ “ Go back to China” “ I’m not from China I’m from Singapore ” “It’s the same you are all the same”. My first experience with such blatant intolerance. As I walked away, I see fear in his eyes. Of the unknown, of death, of Covid-19. I don’t really blame him. It is scary indeed. He should have worn a mask. I thought a lot about this matter. This is not a park. It is my own courtyard.

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