Nas Daily calls recovered Covid-19 patients from Grace Assembly of God 'a source of hope'

He spoke to 17 patients who had fully recovered.

Syahindah Ishak | March 28, 2020, 05:11 PM

On Saturday (Mar. 28), Nuseir Yassin, aka Nas Daily, posted a video on his Facebook page.

The video, titled 'How They Beat Coronavirus!', featured 17 patients who had fully recovered from Covid-19.

Within five hours, the video had garnered over two million views.

How they got infected

The video started off with a brief introduction — the 17 recovered patients are friends and colleagues working at Grace Assembly of God (GAOG).

They were part of the GAOG and the Life Church and Missions Singapore cluster, Singapore's second largest Covid-19 cluster as of Mar. 28.

There are 23 confirmed cases linked to the GAOG, which is in turn linked to ten locally transmitted confirmed cases linked to The Life Church and Missions Singapore.

One of them was infected "over a family dinner" in January.

The video touched on the highly contagious nature of the virus.

"No one knows exactly how it happened. It could've been a meeting, a sneeze, a handshake, or a cough. That's how contagious coronavirus is and that's how an entire church was shut down."

Dealing with Covid-19

Nuseir went on to explain that each one of the patients had a different response to Covid-19.

Some of them didn't feel anything, while others had to spend 31 days in the intensive care unit (ICU).

One of them, Senior Pastor Wilson Teo, thought of death as a possibility.

He told Nuseir:

"When I was infected and when I was a confirmed case, the death thought came through my mind, that I would die because of the virus."

Experienced Covid-19 stigma

The virus wasn't the only problem, though.

The patients also experienced "Covid-19 stigma".

The patients' children were allegedly labelled "Covid kids".

In addition, hotels apparently didn't allow their family to stay there, and family weddings were also forced to be cancelled.

Road to recovery

The crux of Nuseir's video hinges on the need to separate facts from stigma. As well as to dole out info on what those who've recovered can do to help those who might get it.

Nuseir claims that the recovery rate for Covid-19 is "much higher than we think".

He said that over 98 per cent of people recover from Covid-19.

The Senior Pastor of the church himself shared his thoughts on the virus.

"As the days went by, I realised that I won't die because I felt strong at that point of time. Physically, emotionally, I didn't feel like I was dying."

And survive he did.

Teo concluded by urging all to be "socially responsible and have hope in your overcome this virus together."

Once they had fully recovered, the patients donated their blood for medical research.

Nuseir stated that their donations would help researchers develop vaccines to "save everybody else".

He added:

"They're not just survivors, they are a source of hope for a future without coronavirus."

You can watch the full video here:

Top images from Nas Daily/FB.