MP Amrin Amin told it's 'none of your business' when he asked why person buying crates of eggs at FairPrice


Zhangxin Zheng| March 19, 04:46 PM

The Covid-19 outbreak has brought out the best and worst in humanity.

Hoarder told MP off, said: "None of your business"

Speaker of Parliament, Tan Chuan Jin, observed that Singaporeans have been generally calm after he struck up some conversations with residents at FairPrice outlets in Serangoon and Bedok late at night.

However, fellow Member of Parliament (MP) Amrin Amin clearly did not have the same luck and shared a different experience that he had at a FairPrice outlet in Woodlands.

According to Amrin, he saw a family bulk buying essential items at Woodlands 888 Plaza's FairPrice outlet at midnight on March 16.

The family was buying crates of eggs, he added, which prompted him to ask them why.

In response, one of the family members told him that it's none of his business:

"I saw a family buying crates of eggs and other necessities. I asked them why. One of them answered ‘none of your business’."

Amrin wrote in the comment section that he did not say much to the family afterwards and urged people to be supportive of each other during this period of crisis.

Flow of supplies undisrupted

The announcement of a lockdown (now referred to as a movement control order) in Malaysia had sent some residents in Singapore into a panic buying mode.

While many Singaporeans were taken aback, a number of MPs observed that the shoppers at FairPrice outlets were just purchasing what they needed and not buying excessively.

Minister of Trade and Industry, Chan Chun Sing, also wrote a Facebook post at midnight to promptly inform people that Singapore's food supply is secure.

On March 17, Malaysia's Prime Minister Muhyiddin also assured that the flow of goods between Malaysia and Singapore will not be disrupted.

True enough, truckloads of produce and supplies continue to pass through the Causeway into Singapore as the movement control order kicked in on March 18.

Top image via Amrin Amin's Facebook