70-year-old man in M'sia dies of Covid-19, brings death toll to 11

The man has a history of chronic disease.

Jason Fan | March 23, 2020, 03:03 PM

A 70-year-old Malaysian man is the 11th person to die of Covid-19 in Malaysia, according to Noor Hisham Abdullah, the Health director-general of Malaysia.

In a Facebook post on March 23, Noor Hisham said the man, who is Malaysia's 1,070th case, has a history of chronic disease.

Chairman of local Islamic prayer hall

According to Noor Isham, the man is the chairman of a surau, an Islamic prayer hall, in his local area.

He also recently travelled to Indonesia in February 2020.

The man had started to show symptoms a week before being admitted to hospital on March 18.

He was confirmed to have Covid-19 on March 19, and was admitted into the ICU.

His health gradually deteriorated and he was confirmed dead on March 22, at 9:05pm.

Top image from Hisham Abdullah's Facebook page.