Jay Chou & JJ Lin flaunt magic skills & bromance in Netflix episode filmed in Sim Lim Square

The episode was released on Mar. 28.

Mandy How | March 29, 2020, 03:58 PM

Mandopop king Jay Chou has released his own Netflix show.

With crew and friends

"J-Style Trip" sees Chou gallivanting across the world with his crew and different celebrity guests, performing magic in each country.

Episode 2, released on Mar. 28, 2020, features Chou and Singaporean singer JJ Lin in Singapore.

What you'll be watching is the result of their visit to Sim Lim Square in September 2018 — a visit that surprised a horde of fans and made it to the headlines.

The pair flaunt their magic skills at the IT Mall, dazzling passers-by with more than star power.

Screenshot via Netflix

Screenshot via Netflix

Screenshot via Netflix

A glimpse

Magic aside, what fans will appreciate is gathering bits of information about Chou and Lin in this reportedly unscripted show.

Displaced from the context of a concert or fan meet-and-greets, viewers get to watch the celebrities operate in an everyday context — or as close as we can get to it, anyway.

To top it off, audiences not only explore parts of Singapore through the singers' eyes, but also the friendship between two of the most prominent artistes in the Mandopop industry.

Chou, for instance, said that he liked Lin's honesty in talking about his "idol" before he made it big — apparently something that most singers are reluctant to admit.

Coincidentally (or not), Lin's idol was Chou.

On his end, Lin revealed that he looks up to Chou as an "older brother" in the industry, and often chats with him on various topics.

Screenshot via Netflix

No more spoilers here. Go watch it on your own.

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