Uncle starts rumour implying those with HDB wristbands are on SHN. That's not true.

Lots of rumours.

Nyi Nyi Thet| Tanya Ong| March 30, 11:07 AM

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There was a recent rumour going around online that people with these type of wristbands were serving their Stay-Home Notices (SHN).

According to Lianhe Wanbao, this latest round of unsubstantiated rumours originated from a coffeeshop in Toa Payoh.

Posted photos of the man & wristband online

On Mar. 27,  Li Zhenqiang, had visited Toa Payoh HDB Hub to collect keys to his flat, and decided to go to the coffeeshop for a drink while waiting.

Two uncles had seen him wearing a yellow Housing & Development Board wristband. They promptly took photos.

According to the man's brother, who was interviewed by the Chinese daily, the uncles had asked the man wearing the wristband if he was on SHN.

The man then explained that these were wristbands from the Housing & Development Board, and had nothing to do with serving a SHN.

Here's the thing though, even though the man in question reportedly explained to the uncles what exactly the wristband was for, the pictures were promptly shared by one of the uncles on Facebook.

They had taken to Facebook with a questioning caption "Is he on SHN? How can he anyhow run around?".

The post was shared over 300 times and circulated on WhatsApp.

Clarification from HDB

Turns out, the wristband has absolutely nothing to do with whether you're on SHN or not.

HDB had to come out with some assurance as well.

Here's their Facebook post debunking the rumours.

"As part of our safety measures for visitors entering the HDB Hub for their housing transactions or enquiries, we issue these wristbands to visitors requiring re-entry to our premises. These visitors would have also passed our temperature checks and declared their travel status earlier.

For example, visitors will get the wristband, if they need to return to the car park to get documents for their transactions, or to a food outlet for their meals. Please do not be alarmed if you see the wristbands. They are not an indicator of someone who has been issued with a Stay Home Notice, or a Quarantine Order."

The wristbands can come in other colours as well.

Image from HDB


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