1 more teacher at Fengshan Sparkletots confirmed with Covid-19 on Mar. 26, bringing cluster to 19

15 of these cases are staff members are the preschool.

Julia Yeo| Sumita Thiagarajan| March 26, 12:43 PM

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On Mar. 25, Singapore saw the emergence of a new Covid-19 cluster.

A total of 18 cases have been linked to PCF Sparkletots @ Fengshan, located at 126 Bedok North Street 2.

Out of these 18 cases, 14 were staff members.

Another teacher confirmed with Covid-19 on Mar. 26

Another teacher at the centre was confirmed to have tested positive for Covid-19 on Mar. 26, according to Desmond Lee, Minister for Social and Family Development, who spoke to the media this morning (Mar. 26).

This brings total number of infected staff in the particular preschool to 15, and total number in the cluster to 19.

A Nursery Two teacher was one of the first reported cases in the cluster.

She experienced onset of symptoms on Mar. 20, and was confirmed with the Covid-19 infection on Mar. 23.

Principal attended training session with 30 attendees

The principal is among the affected staff at the preschool.

She was well when she went for work on Mar. 17, but developed symptoms in the afternoon.

On the same day, she had a meeting with her staff, and later attended a course with other preschool staff in the evening.

Lee revealed that around 30 people attended the training course.

She then consulted a doctor on the morning of Mar. 18, and was on medical leave till Mar. 20.

Most of the other staff who were infected began developing symptoms on Mar. 20 and over the weekend.

Four of the principal’s family members who do not stay with her also tested positive on Mar. 23 and Mar. 24.

All of the attendees at the training session have been quarantined.

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