Disneyland Paris donated 15 tonnes of excess food following closure of parks

Food waste was diverted from Disneyland Paris to those in need with the help of their staff.

Sumita Thiagarajan| March 19, 02:57 PM

In a Facebook

target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">post on Mar. 18, 2020, Disneyland Paris announced that it has donated 15 tonnes of excess food to local non-profit and charity organisations, amidst the temporary closure of their park.

According to an earlier Facebook

target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">post on Mar. 14, the parks will be temporarily closed until the end of the month.

15 tonnes of food donated

According to their statement, the organisation said that the total weight of food donated is 15 tonnes, which is as heavy as seven adult male rhinos.

The excess food, which included fresh salads, fruit, dairy and more, were donated to local and national organisations, such as Secours Populaire Français and Restaurants du Cœur.

Secours Populaire Français is a non-profit that provides relief to those in need, such as providing food and clothing, while Restaurants du Cœur is a charity organisation that distributes food packages and hot meals to those in need, such as the homeless or those with a low-income.

In their statement, Disneyland Paris mentioned that "local communities are more in need than ever during this unprecedented time".

Donation was possible with the help of Disneyland Paris Staff

In their Facebook post, the organisation said the large-scale operation was possible due to the help of the Disneyland Paris Cast Members who were quickly mobilised to identify, collect and redistribute fresh products.

Disneyland Paris said that the donation was part of their corporate social responsibility commitment to reduce food waste and help those in need within the local community.

According to the statement, the resort practices reduction of food waste throughout the year through educating guests and staff in buffet restaurants and collecting organic food waste from meal preparation from all restaurants in Disneyland Paris.

You can view the full post here:

Top photo by Lovie Tey/Unsplash and Disneyland Paris/Facebook

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