I talked to a frontline doctor & nurse stationed at NCID on WhatsApp because Covid-19

Stories of Us: How do NCID doctors & nurses protect their families from Covid-19? ??????????

Jeanette Tan| March 06, 12:59 PM

So this Covid-19 thing's been going on, and precautions have had to be taken across businesses of all kinds, islandwide.

And as part of this, at workplaces like mine, business continuity plans have had to be put in place.

Which led me to a situation where I snagged myself an interview with a doctor and a nurse at Tan Tock Seng Hospital, who stepped up to serve at the frontlines at the National Centre for Infectious Diseases — but I couldn't do it in person.

So here's how it went down, in WhatsApp screenshots:

Obligatory derpy photo of me:

And I made them send me (nicer) photos of themselves too:

And then we jumped right into it:

Work at the NCID screening centre, and how they got roped into the frontlines

Wearing full protective gear (and N95 mask) for hours at a time

Working with and making friends with docs & nurses from other departments

What exactly they do at the screening centre

What they talk about with the patients they see

And now, for some questions answered in emoji:

The end.

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