Woman & lover, in their 20s, plead guilty to scheme to kill her husband by sabotaging his car

The plot had been the outcome of the couple's marriage breaking down.

Matthias Ang | February 21, 11:26 pm


A 27-year-old woman and her 25-year-old lover have pleaded guilty to a scheme to kill her husband by sabotaging his car, The Straits Times (ST) reported.

According to court documents seen by Mothership, administrative assistant Amanda Yeo Pei Min had told delivery assistant Leong Wei Guo to insert nails into the tyres of Walter Ting Yong Chin’s car, and cut the braking wire (ABS) of a tyre, so that Ting might experience a fatal accident.

However, their plan was thwarted by an eyewitness who called the police after he spotted Leong behaving suspiciously at a carpark on Jan. 11, 2018.

Plot had been the outcome of a crumbling marriage

The plot been the outcome of a deteriorating marriage between Yeo and Ting.

The couple had married in 2011, and have two children.

However, their relationship reached a nadir when Ting found out about Yeo’s affair with Leong in Jun. 2017.

This resulted in frequent acrimonious quarrels between Ting and Yeo about divorce, the splitting of matrimonial assets and custody of their two children.

Enraged by these quarrels, Yeo eventually decided to kill Ting.

She also became pregnant with Leong’s child.

How the plot unfolded

First attempt: Punctured tyres with nails

In early Jan. 2018, Yeo discussed with Leong how to cause grievous hurt to Ting in the wake of another quarrel between the couple.

Knowing that Ting worked as a Grab driver and that he also drove fast, Yeo told Leong, who agreed to sabotage Ting’s car so as to prove the worthiness of his love.

Yeo then provided Leong photographs of Ting’s car and vehicle registration number.

They also agreed that Leong should get a mask and a pair of gloves so as to conceal his identity and avoid detection.

Subsequently, from Jan. 6 to Jan. 7, Yeo told Leong to puncture Ting’s car tyres with nails that she had provided.

Leong then headed down to a multi-storey carpark near a flat, which the couple had stayed at in Yung Kuang, where he inserted one nail each into the front and rear left tyres using a pair of pliers.

As per Yeo’s instructions, he covered his face with a jacket and also sent a photograph of the sabotaged tyres to her.

Second attempt: Cutting the brake wires

Subsequently, on Jan. 10, Yeo learnt that her husband would be driving to Genting with her in-laws and their two children on Jan. 11.

She informed Leong about this, and both hoped that he would get into a fatal accident.

When Yeo had another quarrel with Ting on the evening of Jan. 10, she messaged Leong out of anger, and said that she wanted Ting dead.

As such, Leong agreed to sabotage Ting’s car a second time.

This time, Leong was instructed by Yeo to cut the brake wires and loosen the wheel bolts.

Yeo had watched an online video which showed the tyres of a car dislodging and causing the driver to
lose control.

Both Yeo and Leong therefore believed that the same thing would happen to Ting and that he would either die or become seriously injured in an accident.

Leong then headed to the multi-storey carpark near the flat of Ting’s parents at Depot Road, where his car was located during the early hours of Jan. 11.

He attempted to unscrew the wheel bolts of the car with a spanner he had brought along.

However, he was unsuccessful, which led to Leong cutting the ABS wire behind the front right tyre with a wire cutter.

Afterwards, he took a photograph of the cut wire and sent it to Yeo.

Second sabotage is spotted

Leong was spotted behaving suspiciously by a witness, who called the police at 1:12am.

Leong was walking around with a jacket draped over his head.

When two police officers arrived, Leong was unable to provide a coherent explanation of what he was doing at the multi-storey carpark at that hour.

The officers also discovered the spanner and wire cutter that he had brought along.

Eventually, Leong admitted that he wanted to damage a car, and brought the two officers to Ting’s car, where they found the damaged wire behind the right tyre.

Leong was arrested, while his bag and phone were seized.

As for Yeo, her role was ascertained from the messages on Leong’s phone, leading to her own arrest a few hours later.

Meanwhile, Ting’s car was sent to a mechanic for damage inspection, which found that the driver could have lost control of the car.

This is due to the front right wheel potentially locking during an emergency or hard braking of the vehicle, as a result of Leong’s act of cutting the ABS wire.

Face a jail term of up to a year

Both Yeo and Leong pleaded guilty, on Feb. 20, to being parties in a criminal conspiracy to cause grievous hurt by rash act to Ting.

They had initially been charged for attempted murder and abetment to murder, but these were downgraded on condition of plea for guilt.

As such, they face a maximum of one year’s imprisonment or a fine of S$2,500, or both.

ST further reported that they were offered bail of S$30,000 and will be sentenced on Mar. 11.

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