Good Samaritans in S'pore send SCDF staff cartons of Milo at fire stations & posts islandwide

Spreading the good vibes around.

Zhangxin Zheng | February 10, 2020, 02:11 AM

Healthcare workers have been working tirelessly to help manage the novel coronavirus spread in Singapore.

Despite them risking their lives to care for suspected or confirmed cases, you've probably also read about how they are being ostracised in public spaces too.

But that's definitely not representative of all Singaporeans, as there are also many kind-hearted folks out there who go the extra mile to express appreciation for the front line staff.

One family even who woke up early on Sunday to buy the doctors and nurses breakfast:

Cartons of Milo delivered to SCDF paramedics and staff

The Singapore Civil Defence Force also shared on Facebook on Feb. 8 that some Good Samaritans have been going to fire stations and posts across the nation to send the paramedics and staff members cartons of Milo.

The small gesture has moved the SCDF personnel as a few of them posed with the cartons and gave a shout-out to the "kind-hearted ninjas".

There's also an encouraging note written on the cartons asking these front line heroes to hang in there and stay safe.

scdf milo Photo from SCDF/Facebook.

milo scdf Photo from SCDF/Facebook.

SCDF also encouraged netizens to tag a front liner they know and send them some words of encouragement in the Facebook post.

Top photo collage via SCDF/Facebook