Rebecca Black commemorates 9 year anniversary of 'Friday' with inspirational post

Gotta get down.

Nyi Nyi Thet| February 12, 09:34 AM

If you're of a certain age, you might probably remember this song.

This is not the original video though, the first iteration of the video was uploaded on February 10, 2011.

It received an inordinate amount of online hate. Even now, the video has over 3.8 million dislikes.

The singer of that era-defining song, Rebecca Black, has moved on from the brickbats of the Internet.

Check out her latest, way more well-received, non-album single.


While Black has moved on from that viral internet video, she has not shied away from talking about that part of her life.

In fact, on the ninth anniversary of Friday, Black put up an Instagram post reflecting on just how far she had come since the song.

"I just wish i could go back and talk to my 13 year old self who was terribly ashamed of herself and afraid of the world. to my 15 year old self who felt like she had nobody to talk to about the depression she faced. to my 17 year old self who would get to school only to get food thrown at her and her friends. to my 19 year old self who had almost every producer/songwriter tell me they’d never work with me."

The crux of the post being how time heals everything.

"You are not defined by any one choice or thing. time heals and nothing is finite."

Here's Black talking more in-depth about her experience with Friday in an interview with Buzzfeed.

Image from Black's instagram