Nurses come to aid of elderly lady who fainted at Bukit Merah, provide basic treatment by roadside

Unsung heroes.

Ashley Tan| February 13, 06:20 PM

Two nurses came to the aid of an elderly lady who had apparently fainted while she was out with her domestic helper.

Nurses sprung into action

The incident occurred at Jalan Bukit Ho Swee and a video was

target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">posted to Facebook page Complaint Singapore by one Didi Yati.

In Didi's recount of the events, the nurses immediately sprung into action to check her vitals. They borrowed a chair from a nearby salon for the elderly lady to rest on.

The lady can be seen resting at the side of the walkway, surrounded by two uniformed nurses and her helper.

From their uniform, the nurses appear to work at KK Women's and Children's Hospital.

One nurse has a stethoscope around her neck, and is seen checking the lady's blood pressure.

Meanwhile, Didi stated that the second nurse called an ambulance.

In the video, the nurse can heard informing the operators of her location and the lady's condition, saying that "her eyes were open but she wasn't very responsive".

Another younger lady appears and explains that the old lady who fainted had likely "walked too much".

You can watch the full video here.

[video width="224" height="400" mp4=""][/video]

Facebook users thanked them

In her post, Didi highlighted the recent hostility nurses have been facing in public.

She appealed for Singaporeans to support hardworking healthcare workers, and urged those who "ignored, avoided or [were] nasty" to nurses to rethink their actions.

"What if that old lady is our mother?" she asked.

The video has since gained rather positive reactions online, with many commending and thanking the nurses for their quick thinking, and dedication during the outbreak.

Kudos to all the nurses out there.

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Top photo from Didi Yati / FB

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