1,102 Wuhan medical staff infected with coronavirus, double from previous report

It was previously reported to be about 500 of them.

Zhangxin Zheng | February 14, 2020, 06:31 PM

According to Chinese state media, there are 1,716 medical workers infected with the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) as of Feb. 11.

Of these 1,716 infected staff, six have died from the disease.

1,102 infected medical staff from Wuhan

This was an update made by the Vice Minister at China's National Health Commission, Zeng Yixin at a news conference on Feb. 14.

Out of these 1,716 infected workers, a majority came from Wuhan where the virus originated from.

1,102 medical workers in Wuhan have been confirmed with Covid-19, more than double the number reported previously.

Another 400 are infected in other places in Hubei province.

Lack of proper protective gear, overworked

Hubei has been the most affected province during this Covid-19 outbreak and hospitals have been overwhelmed by the number of confirmed cases. About 80 per cent of the confirmed cases in China comes from Hubei, with over 35,000 confirmed cases from the city of Wuhan.

At Huoshenshan hospital in Wuhan, a 1,000-bed emergency hospital built in 10 days, over 900 patients have reportedly been admitted by Feb. 11.

With medical resources rapidly depleting, medical workers are attending to infected patients without proper protective gear.

Many are also overworked from tending to an unimaginable crowd at the hospitals, with some reportedly dying from over-exhaustion.

Top photo via screengrab from CCTV/Weibo