Jurong bakery puts up poster shaming woman who allegedly stole pineapple tarts 2 years in a row

In case she tries again for the third time, perhaps.

Julia Yeo | January 17, 08:29 pm


A bakery in Jurong West has resorted to publicly shaming a woman who allegedly stole pineapple tarts from the store two years in a row.

Owner put “Wanted” poster outside bakery to expose alleged thief

According to Shin Min Daily News, a bakery’s pineapple tarts at Block 506 Jurong West Street 52 has been a target for theft by the same woman two years in a row, both times before Chinese New Year.

Their pineapple tarts have been selling at S$14.80 per jar.

The bakery, which has been operating for the last three to four years, placed two posters outside their store a few days ago to publicly shame the thief, which they identified through CCTV cameras in the store.

The sign read:

“I believe our pineapple tarts are very delicious, that’s why you stole them two years consecutively.”

“Life is tough, and everyone has to work to eat. No matter how big or small it is, stealing is immoral.”

“Do you recognise this person? Please let her know that she’s famous. Thank you.”

Bakery owner and employee recognised woman

The bakery’s 51-year-old employee told the Chinese daily that the pineapple tart thief, who looked around 40 to 50 years old, stole a jar of pineapple tarts before Chinese New Year on both occasions.

The employee was present during both incidents.

During the second encounter, the employee was distracted as another customer was asking her about the price of the pineapple tarts.

When she checked later, she noticed that one jar of homemade pineapple tarts had gone missing, only to realise that it was the same thief after they checked the CCTV cameras.

She added that her boss was furious, and decided to publicly shame the thief for her actions.

The employee said that the thief was likely to be someone living in the area, as she was dressed casually.

Top image via Shin Min Daily News

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