Man spotted soaking his body at Sembawang Hot Spring Park's communal foot bath area

Can Singaporeans have nice things?

Ashley Tan| January 15, 11:10 AM

The revamped Sembawang Hot Spring Park opened recently, with droves of visitors turning up hoping to soak their feet and cook some eggs.

Tragedy of the commons

The highlight of the park is a large, circular cascading pool of hot spring water.

Visitors can sit at the edge of the pool and soak their feet in the 40ºC water at the lowest tier of the pool.

As with most communal amenities though, problems are bound to arise.

One Ryan Tyras recently posted a photo of a man who had perhaps taken the idea of a hot spring a tad too literally.

His post has since gone viral, garnering over 1,800 shares and 700 likes.

The man was spotted sitting inside the pool instead of on the bench, with half his body immersed in the water.

Facebook users proceeded to express their disgust and hygiene concerns in various ways.

In his caption, Tyras said that the man had "went overboard" in dipping his entire body in the pool.

He added: "Uncle if you pee inside nobody knows".

Raising questions about hygiene and etiquette

Although the park does not seem to have signs explicitly prohibiting visitors from immersing themselves in the water, a sign beside the pool indicates that it is a "foot bath area"

Illustrations also depict how people can sit on the benches beside the pool to soak their feet.

Photo by Ashley Tan

Other nasty habits spotted at hot spring

This is not the first time questions have been raised about hygiene and etiquette at the hot spring park.

A blog post by one Singaporean recently highlighted how people have been using the park's amenities inappropriately.

These includes not washing one's feet prior to dipping them in the pool. The author believed that the warm temperature will facilitate fungal growth.

The author also observed a man discarding water he had used to soak his feet, into pails intended for cooking eggs.

Perhaps a clear list of Do's and Don'ts at the park might do the trick.

Top photo from Ryan Tyras / FB


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