Grandma sells handmade paper swans for S$2.50 a piece at Jurong West market


Syahindah Ishak| January 10, 03:05 PM

If you're still looking for some Chinese New Year decorations, one grandma in Jurong West has got you covered.

Sells from morning to afternoon

On Jan. 8, one Lim Lick Suan took to Facebook to share about a grandma who sells her own handmade paper swans for Chinese New Year.

She sells them at Block 505 in Jurong West, at a market near an OCBC ATM.

In the post, Lim said that the grandma will be at the market everyday from 8:30am till 1pm.

There are only 60 to 70 pieces so stock is limited.

Here are some of the designs:

Photo from Lim Lick Suan/FB.

Photo from Lim Lick Suan/FB.

Photo from Lim Lick Suan/FB.

Photo from Lim Lick Suan/FB.


S$2.50 per piece

Her paper swans are sold for S$2.50 each.

Photo from Lim Lick Suan/FB.

Despite the affordable price, Lim wrote that some customers still asked for a discount.

"Ah Ma said still got ppl wana ask for discount...... seriously what are these ppl thinking?! $2.50 still too expensive??"

You can read her full post here:

Positive response

The post has garnered a lot of attention from social media users.

As of the time of writing, there were over 1,800 shares.

Singaporeans responded positively to the grandma's business.

Some were also eager to purchase her swans.

A few, however, felt that the grandma should sell her swans at a higher price as S$2.50 does not equate to the amount of effort she had to put in.

Top photos via Lim Lick Suan/FB.