Couple in Philippines gets married while volcano erupts 20km behind them

Great photos.

Tanya Ong| January 14, 10:02 AM

The Taal volcano erupted near the capital of Manila on Jan. 12.

The eruption sent a massive column of ash skyward, and thousands of people living near the volcano were evacuated from their homes.

Photos of the eruption subsequently flooded social media -- with a particular set of photos catching the attention of people.

Spectacular wedding photos

According to photos by Randolf Evan Photography, one couple in Philippines apparently got married with the volcano erupting in the background.

The couple's wedding venue was approximately 20km away from the Taal Volcano.

Here are the stunning photos shared to Facebook:

Randolf Evan Photography/FB

Randolf Evan Photography/FB

Randolf Evan Photography/FB

The venue, Savanna Farm, also uploaded a photo of the wedding:Photo by Warren S Garcia, via Savanna Farm/FB



The couple told CNN that there were aware of the warnings and escalating levels. They also felt "nervous" and "kept checking social media for updates on the volcanic eruption".

However, CNA reported that they managed to exchange vows, have their first dance and give speeches.

The reception was eventually halted when the ash fall became "heavier and mud-like".

Top photo via Warren S. Garcia via Savanna Farm/FB Randolf Evan/FB