New community fridge in Yishun filled with free groceries for needy residents

So sweet.

Fasiha Nazren | January 16, 2020, 10:10 AM

For most of us, groceries are a necessity.

For the less fortunate, it can be a luxury.

Community fridges in Singapore

Which is why community fridges can be a blessing to the needy:

Here's another community fridge in Yishun.

Free food for all

The new community fridge is located at Block 162, Yishun Street 11.

Photo from Darul Makmur Mosque

Photo from Darul Makmur Mosque

The fridge is maintained and managed by charity organisation Free Food For All and Chong Pang CC Division.

It is also supported by a nearby mosque, Darul Makmur Mosque.

This is one of three community fridges in Yishun.

Take what you need

The community fridge only has halal-friendly produce.

Anyone from the community is encouraged to take whatever they need from the fridge.

If one feels compelled to give back do take note that you can't simply place something in the fridge.

Willing contributors would have to reach out to either:

  • Free Food For All at 8769 3463.
  • Darul Makmur Mosque's Community Engagement Executive at 6852 8350.

Here's a simple list of things one can and cannot do with the community fridge.

Photo from Darul Makmur Mosque

Top image from Darul Makmur Mosque