Commonwealth Avenue double murder accused was victim of club fight in June 2019

One of the four men involved in the fight has pleaded guilty, while one man is still unidentified.

Jane Zhang | January 19, 12:10 am


Gabriel Lien Goh, 22, is accused of killing his mother and grandmother in October 2019.

A few months prior to the alleged murders, Goh was the victim of a club fight, as revealed in a court case on Friday, Jan. 17.

Accused of murdering mother and grandmother

On Oct. 27, 2019, Goh allegedly stabbed his mother, 56, after an argument at their home in Block 7A Commonwealth Avenue before chasing down his 90-year-old grandmother and beating her to death.

He said in court:

“I want to apologise to the relatives of my mum and grandma. I want to clarify.

What happened was an accident. I had no control over my actions and I never intended for those things to happen.”

Commonwealth double deaths: Suspect apologises in court for deaths of mother & grandma, said he ‘didn’t mean to do it’

His case is still ongoing.

If found guilty, he may receive the death penalty.

Victim of a club fight in June 2019

According to court documents, Goh and two friends went to Club Nexus at New Bridge Road at around 11pm on June 3, 2019, where they drank beer.

In the early hours of June 4, 2019, around 1:27am, they left the third-floor club to go to the ground floor of Oriental Plaza.

However, Goh returned to look for his cigarettes and mistakenly entered Club Mao, which is next to Club Nexus.

Inside Club Mao, Goh was observed placing his arm around a female customer, who pushed his arm away.

As a result, the head of the club’s security team at the time, Damian Sim Toon Kiat, escorted Goh out of the club.

After a brief verbal exchange outside of the club, Sim, 32, shoved and punched Goh.

Goh retaliated and threw punches at Sim, after which two other men also joined in, punching and kicking Goh.

Around 1:45am, Muhammad Raushan Nishan — the accused in the Jan. 17 court case — came out of Club Mao and, after watching the fight, joined in.

Raushan, 20, punched Goh in the face twice and proceeded to kick him in the head after Goh had fallen to the ground for the second time.

A total of four people attacked Goh.

As the fight was going on, one of Goh’s friends came upstairs to check on him. When she tried to intervene, one of the people involved in the fight pushed her.

Goh sent to hospital

The fight lasted about 1.5 minutes, according to court documents, and part of it was caught on CCTV footage.

Eventually, a club employee restrained Goh by using a chokehold, after which Sim called the police at 1:52am.

The security personnel told the police, “One guy bleeding outside the club. He got into some trouble inside the club, we had to pull him out. He is currently semi-conscious. I am also injured. He is drunk.”

Prior to police arriving, Raushan and one other attacker left the scene, although the former was subsequently arrested on the same day.

The police found Goh unconscious. There were bloodstains all over the floor outside of Club Mao.

Goh was taken to hospital with swollen cheeks, bruising around his eye, and cuts on his chin.

Goh was treated and admitted for a short observation before being discharged. He was given six days of hospitalisation leave.

Raushan charged in court

According to CNA, Raushan pleaded guilty to one charge of voluntarily causing hurt with common intention in court.

The judge pushed for Raushan to receive probation and reformative training suitability reports, and adjourned sentencing to Jan. 24.

Lianhe Zaobao reported that Sim and one of the two other men involved in the fight, a 44-year-old Roger Tay, will be charged in court on Monday, Jan. 20.

The fourth man who was involved in the fight has yet to be identified.

Top image via Facebook / Gabriel Lien Goh and Google Maps.

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