Life hacking app instantly tells you what to call your relatives for Chinese New Year

Includes your dad's mum's sister's husband.

Julia Yeo | January 20, 11:46 am


It’s the first day of Chinese New Year celebrations, which means it is that time of the year again.

As usual, you’ve routinely tagged along with your family to one of your relatives’ houses, seeing a bunch of vaguely familiar-looking faces that you probably wouldn’t recognise on the streets any other time of the year.

You see a middle-aged woman approaching you, and you somehow recall that it’s the wife of your father’s paternal cousin.

How do you address her? You’ve no clue.

You also recall that she spent quite a while interrogating asking you about your love life the previous year.

She waves to you and your family, and you’re about to give up and mutter, “Hi, auntie”, with a chagrined smile.

But no, because you are ready to save some face this year, you have remembered to download the “San Gu Liu Po” (Three Aunts Six Wives) app, which helps you allocate the right familial titles to relatives, as long as you know how they are related to you.

Screenshot via Google Play Store

Want to know what to address your dad’s elder brother’s wife and their kids?

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In-laws’ relatives? No problem.

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Maybe you’re thinking that this sounds pretty excessive, because you could just call everyone “uncle” and “auntie”, right?

But hey, the look on their faces when they are addressed perfectly but they themselves can’t tell if you actually got it right?


And then you can take your relatives’ attention away from your love life and career, as they continue to be awed by your sudden ability to address everyone properly.

So, go forth, and flex on those uncles and aunties on the next family gathering, or Chinese New Year celebrations.

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