Owner of RM10 note with touching message written on it has been found

The power of social media.

Guan Zhen Tan| December 02, 04:31 PM

A woman known as Hyza Ezany shared on Facebook that she was looking for the owner of an unique RM10 note.

This particular note has a special handwritten message on it.

Her post has since garnered over 24,000 shares.

The RM10 note contained a heartfelt message on both sides, which read:

“The last cash given by dad on 21/5/2010 Friday 7:10am.

I <3 you dad”

Owner found

Hyza hoped her online appeal could help her find the owner of the note.

As luck would have it, the owner has since been found.

Lost her father to an accident

In a heartfelt Facebook post, Anne Malar Yesudass thanked Hyza and kind netizens for sharing Hyza's post, allowing Anne to reunite with the priceless RM10 note.

She explained that the RM10 was given by her father, who sent her off to school for the last time on May 21, 2010.

Photo via Anne Malar Yesudass' Facebook page

Her father tragically died in a fatal accident later that day, and since then, she has kept the note with her in her purse.

Unfortunately, Anne's purse was stolen on Sep. 1, 2018 when she was attending a camp in Melaka.

She was terribly upset, not so much because her purse was stolen, but rather because such a valuable item was taken away from her.

Fortunately, Hyza's post was discovered by Anne's sister, who shared it with Anne via WhatsApp.

Anne's sister shared a screenshot of the Facebook post over Whatsapp with Anne.

"The words "thank you" alone is not enough actually," Anne said in her Facebook post.

"But [it is] the only thing that I can [say to] express my gratitude now."

Top image via Anne Malar Yesudass' Facebook page


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