M'sian teacher says student doesn't understand English with note written in broken English

The irony.

Syahindah Ishak | December 04, 2019, 02:44 PM

Having a good grasp of the English language can be tough for some people.

Even teachers.

Daughter given a low grade for English

On Dec. 2, Malaysian mother Gwen Kaur, uploaded a picture of a note she received from her daughter's teacher.

In her post, Kaur explained that her daughter was given a low grade for her English subject.

Her daughter received a Tahap Penguasaan (TP) 4 grade,

TP 4 is an average grade. The highest grade is TP 6.

According to Kaur, the teacher claimed that her daughter "does not understand the language".

Kaur, however, stated that her daughter is "well-versed in her spoken and written language" as she had consistently scored "A" grades for her previous English examinations.

Her daughter had also won many reading awards since her preschool years.

Unable to comprehend the situation, Kaur demanded an explanation from the teacher.

Handwritten note

The teacher justified her marks through a handwritten note which was, well, ironic to say the least because her note was full of spelling errors and grammar mistakes.

Here is one sentence from it:

"As you can understand I no doubt to agree that Aranya can speak English well, but what I meant about the sentense is about English of knowledge not for communication (sic)."


You can read the full note at this Facebook post:

Teacher criticised

Kaur's post went viral and garnered over 400 comments from netizens, most of whom felt that the teacher should be more proficient in the language.

Some even suggested ways Kaur could respond to the note.

Looks like the tables have turned.

Top photo via Gwen Kaur/FB.