M'sian F&B tycoon's son holds lavish wedding ceremony with Rolls Royce bridal car to boot


Nyi Nyi Thet| Guan Zhen Tan| December 02, 07:17 PM

Datin Sri' Dato Cynthia Teh and her husband, Dato Sri' Dato Leow, are the couple behind Souper Tang and other established F&B ventures.

Their son, Jarvin, and daughter-in-law, Madelyn, had a souper luxurious wedding on November 29, 2019.

But before we even get to their wedding, here's the tea ceremony at their house.

Image from Datin Sri Cynthia's Facebook

Image from Datin Sri Cynthia's Facebook

Their driveway looks bigger than some people's entire houses.

Image from Amazing Film

Also in case you're wondering, yes — that is a Rolls Royce dressed up as their wedding car.

Image from Amazing Film

Here are some of the other shots the couple took in their rather large house.

Image from Professional Makeup Iris Facebook

Image from Professional Makeup Iris Facebook

Here they are setting off.

And the wedding was no slouch either.

Their wedding gifts consist of what appears to be a pair of crystal swans for every guest.

Image from Jaya Bintang Trading

Image from Iris' Facebook

The food served might be familiar to Souper Tang fans as well.

Image from Raymond Woo's Facebook

Image from Eldrick Koh's Facebook


Image from Datin Sri Cynthia and Professional Makeup Iris Facebook


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