PMD charging along Clementi corridor bursts in flames, 3 people evacuated

Such damage.

Joshua Lee| December 05, 10:20 PM

The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) responded to a fire caused by a personal mobility device (PMD) on Block 715 Clementi West Street 2 at 12.45pm today (Dec. 5).

Fire caused by charging PMD

According to SCDF's Facebook post, the fire was caused by a PMD that was being charged along the common corridor.

Three occupants from the affected unit were evacuated and there were no reported injuries.

Thankfully, the fire could be put out with only one water jet.

Here are some images of the affected area after the fire was put out.

Via SCDF/Facebook.

Via SCDF/Facebook.

Via SCDF/Facebook.

How a PMD battery fire starts

PMDs that are left charging on their own can cause sudden sparks that lead to electrical fires.

Here's actual footage of a PMD battery catching fire:

Fire safety tips

If you own a PMD or power-assisted bicycle (PAB), here are some safety tips to ensure that your device does not catch fire:

  1. Do not charge your PMD/PAB or its batteries near combustible materials.
  2. Do not leave your charging devices or batteries unattended for a long period or overnight.
  3. Do not charge your PMD/PAB immediately after use.
  4. Do not modify or repair your PMD/PAB on your own.
  5. Use a power adaptor that carries the safety mark.
  6. Use PMD that have the UL2272 certification.
  7. Examine your device batteries for damage or deformities such as bloating, corrosion, or powdery residue regularly
  8. Charge your PMD/PAB on a hard, flat surface for the heat for optimal heat dissipation.

Top image via SCDF/Facebook.


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