Ah Lian seller on Carousell has the most 'steady' captions & top-notch sales tactic


Mandy How | December 30, 2019, 04:09 PM

Dealing with people on Carousell can be frustrating at times.

Occasionally, however, one might come across a particularly funny situation.

Such as this "Ah Lian" seller, who was first spotted by Facebook page Laobeng Memes Diaozui Hotline Teens:

Here are some examples of her 10/10 sales pitch:

In case you're not fluent in Ah Lian speak, here's a quick translation:

"A bit sexy ok, can show off your boobs one. I never wear before so no need scared got xiao mei mei virus from Europe ok. Wear already your boobs will look bigger cause westerners have big boobs ya. Ok buy ok."

In addition to the relatively affordable pricing, the seller has also taken pains to illustrate how the product features will come in useful.

"Very good shirt, looks very cool. Yes please buy. It's like a jacket lor, I also don't know how to say but very pretty ok."

A quick search on Carousell shows that the seller's username is, perhaps aptly enough, @xiiiaohui.

When all else fails, straight-talking might also win you some customers.

And because xiiiaohui is a true businesswoman, the price for the Brandy Melville top went up after the Facebook post went viral.

Maybe don't lowball her, just sayin'.

Top image via Laobeng Memes Diaozui Hotline Teens/@xiiaohui on Carousell