Tree falls on car along Scotts Road, near Ion Orchard

Hope no one is injured.

Ashley Tan| November 20, 04:28 PM

Photos and videos have surfaced online about an accident that occurred on Scotts Road.

Car trapped beneath

From the material being circulated, it appears that a tree has toppled on the road, trapping a white car beneath its dense branches.

According to Facebook page, the incident allegedly occurred at around 1pm, after a heavy downpour.

Photo from Sharon Lim / FB

One short clip, filmed by someone directly at the scene, showed numerous people, including several in grey uniforms, trying to break the branches and carrying them away.

A separate video clip uploaded to Facebook page Singapore Road Accident shows at least 10 people gathering around the toppled tree in an attempt to lift the branches and reach the car beneath.

Meanwhile, several vehicles can be seen stalled behind the road block, as passers-by watch from the pavement.

The cars appear to be attempting to circumnavigate the roadblock by turning into the driveway of the Grand Hyatt and exiting on the other side.

Photo from Sharon Lim / FB

The incident led to all four lanes being obstructed, but one lane appears to have been re-opened.

Mothership understands the National Parks Board was alerted to the incident at around 3:06pm, and the tree was removed and cleared by NParks contractors by around 6:50pm.

Top photo from Sharon Lim / FB


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