Taiwan's foreign minister has bubble tea with Japanese representative

Bubble tea diplomacy.

Kayla Wong| November 08, 12:29 PM

Taiwan has a new Japanese representative in town.

And nothing beats serving that one signature drink that Taiwan is known for around the world.


Taiwan's Foreign Minister Joseph Wu met with the new Japanese representative to Taiwan, Hiroyasu Izumi, over bubble tea on Wednesday, Nov. 6.

In a tweet welcoming Izumi to Taiwan, the Taiwanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs posted pictures of them toasting each other with bubble tea, or tapioca milk tea, as it is known in Japan.

A hashtag #BubbleTeaDiplomacy was also included in the tweet.

The rest of the staff were seen having bubble tea too.

According to CNA (Focus Taiwan), Izumi was appointed on Oct. 24 as the head of the Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association, which acts as the de facto Japanese embassy in Taiwan.

He assumed office on Nov. 1.

Taipei maintains unofficial relations with countries

The Republic of China -- Taiwan's official name -- has 15 diplomatic allies currently.

And the number is set to drop even further as the trend of small countries in the Pacific, Caribbean and Central America switching diplomatic recognition from Taipei to Beijing continues.

But Taipei still maintains unofficial relations with at least 47 countries -- including Singapore -- despite them not having formal diplomatic ties with each other, through representative offices that act as de facto embassies.

Top image via Ministry of Foreign Affairs, ROC (Taiwan)


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