Slappy Cakes apologises for glass bits found in smoothie, transfers out staff member who broke the glass

They denied taking the incident lightly.

Melanie Lim| November 19, 07:27 PM

Pancake house Slappy Cakes has apologised after serving a customer a smoothie with glass pieces in it, The Straits Times reported.

On Nov. 17, a Singaporean woman was having a meal with her family at Slappy Cakes in Plaza Singapura when she found glass pieces in her smoothie.

The woman, addressed as Wu by Lianhe Wanbao, was with her three children aged five, seven and eight, as well as her husband.

Slappy Cakes apologises

Slappy Cakes has since apologised and come forth to explain their situation.

According to the spokesman, a staff member had accidentally broken a glass while making the smoothie.

She did not realise that a piece of glass had fallen into the blender for the smoothie, even after she had cleared the glass shards on the floor.

The restaurant will monitor the staff member's performance. She has since been transferred to another department.

The chain also claimed that it adheres to standard operating procedures and properly trains its staff.

Denies taking incident lightly

In its official statement, Slappy Cakes denied taking the incident lightly.

They pointed out that closed-circuit television footage showed its staff being apologetic and bowing to the family.

They also added the family's bill was waived and that the management had paid the family a visit at the hospital on Nov. 18, 2019.

According to its spokesman, the restaurant will continue to provide the family with assistance.

Here's what the spokesman said, according to ST:

"We deeply regret the incident and offer our sincerest apologies to Mr and Mrs Wu and their family. We will continue to provide them with any assistance required"

Top image via Slappy Cakes/FB and Slappy Cakes website