Brothers marry twin sisters in S'pore, have combined wedding on same day

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Fasiha Nazren| November 26, 08:43 PM

On Nov. 15, 30-year-old Muhammad Haniff Buang married Hazwani Mahat, his 31-year-old bride.

Brothers married twins

On the same day, Hazwani's twin sister, Hazimah Mahat, married Hanniff's older brother, Muhammad Khairul Buang.

Photo from Malina Alwi's Facebook page

The combined wedding was a three-day affair: Both couples were solemnised on Nov. 15, followed by a reception on the grooms' side on Nov. 16 and finally a reception on the brides' side on Nov. 17.

Haniff and Hazwani first met each other in 2009, when they were still students at Republic Polytechnic.

However, they only started dating after reconnecting recently through social media.

Matchmade their siblings

The both of them then played matchmaker to their siblings.

As Haniff was worried about his older brother who had always been single, Hazwani suggested introducing Khairul to her sister.

Fortunately, they seem to hit it off thanks to their similar personalities.

In an interview with Berita Harian, Hazwani said: "They're both similar. Both of them are shy and have never had a significant other before."

Marrying a twin can be "confusing"

Khairul also shared that while it doesn't feel weird to marry a twin, he admitted that it can be confusing at times.

"Once, I mistook my wife for her sister because they look the same from behind. They tie their hair the same way and have similar styles."

However, there's one foolproof way they can tell the twins apart.

"My wife (Hazimah) has a beauty mark on her chin while her sister has one on her cheek."

While they may share the same in-laws and wedding day, thankfully, they spent their honeymoon in two different countries that are not too far apart: South Korea and Japan.

h/t: Berita Harian

Top image from Orange Sg and Malina Alwi on Facebook


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